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Planning for retirement today is different than it used to be. Americans are facing historical retirement challenges. Americans are living longer while Social Security, pensions, and personal investments are becoming less reliable and retirement income sources are diminishing. It is vital to take more control of
your financial future, and the sooner you start, the better. We will work with you to create the right plan.

Use our retirement resources to help you prepare for your financial future. Then talk to one of our agents to develop a strategy for guaranteed lifetime income.


This is a long road to retirement. To avoid:

  • Short-term decisions that lead to long-term financial mediocrity.

  • Retirement that leaves you wanting for more while living on less.

  • Planning that accounts for the expected while ignoring the potential for the unexpected.



Being prepared for the expected or unexpected is an important factor in financial planning. We provides a wide range of insurance and annuity products to help you protect your family, assets and estate, while meeting your retirement planning needs. We provide choices and flexibility to identify the right solutions for their clients, whether it’s life insurance, disability income, long-term care or annuities for retirement income. Planning for the expected, the unexpected and the achievement of long-term goals means working with an advisor that can provide objective advice.

Benefits & Retirement Consultants only deal with guarantees, due to this philosophy our clients has never suffered a lost from their retirement portfolio, while experiencing continued growth from the indexed products we offer.

We Believe...

  • In Wealth preservation, your savings should be protected. Your income should not be affected by the up and down uncertainty of the stock market.

  • In guarantees, the money you have worked a lifetime to accumulate should have growth guarantees and the potential for higher returns.

  • Guaranteed Income for Life and Tax Free Retirement Income.


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