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Fixed Index Annuity

Fixed index annuities are insurance contracts that, depending
on the contract, may offer a guaranteed annual interest rate
and earnings potential that is linked to participation in the
growth of an index or benchmark. This type of annuity may
be suitable for people who are looking for tax-deferred growth and want a minimum interest rate guarantee but also like the potentially being able to benefit from rising markets.

An index annuity may be suitable for people who:

  • Are looking for tax-deferred growth in their investment.


  • Want a minimum interest rate guarantee but also like the idea
    of potentially being able to benefit from rising markets

Key Questions:


  • How can I generate regular income payments that I won’t outlive?
  • How can I earn a competitive rate of return, defer taxes and not sacrifice safety?
  • How can I protect my beneficiaries from a large tax burden?
  • How do generate more accumulation from a market indicies without the risk of losing my principle?



A Fixed Index Annuity adresses these key questions
and may be the right solution for you.    

When creating a strategy for your financial future, you have two choices generally:

the growth potential of stocks or the lower returns of more conservative alternatives.

Ideally, you want your financial vehicle to offer the upside potential of stocks, with

none of the downside risk. A Fixed Index Annuity can provide the best of both.


FIA's provides:

  • Guaranteed Income for life.

  • No market Risk.

  • Predictability.

  • Liquidity.

  • Death Benefit

  • Low Cost




FIAs work in any type of market. Whether up, down or flat, an FIA gives you the protection of principal
withdrawals and surrender charges) found with a traditional fixed annuity along with potential

for additional interest
credit linked, in part, to the performance of a market index. Translation: When

the index goes up, your contract’s
accumulation value may rise, depending on the strategy you choose.

If the index decreases, your contract’s
accumulation value doesn’t lose value.


Here at Benefits & Retirement Consultants, LLC we strongly believe when it comes to the money you have worked a lifetime to accumulate, educating yourself on the product first, is an intellectual and financial necessity. We are providing these very informal links to education about FIA's.

http://www.annuity123.com/ and http://theannuitythinktank.com/. But, for the very best service we can provide please feel free to use our knowledge and additional resources and contact us!